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HIPAA Statement

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) passed in 1996 set forth privacy standards for healthcare providers and organizations and any business associates. Providers must follow procedures to ensure the protected health information (PHI) of patients remains secure and confidential whenever such information is shared or received. PHI can include printed, written, oral and electronic information. HIPAA requires all health information as client identity, demographics, and payment information remain confidential and private. Health information can only be disclosed with prior permission as needed for patient care. Failure to follow HIPAA regulations can result in civil and criminal consequences (42 USC ยง 1320d-5).

Patients in our care can trust Nurse4Me to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all protected health information (PHI). Our organization does not disclose or use client health or demographic information unless authorized by a prior release or when applicable by law. We use any and all appropriate security to keep client information protected and in all communications.